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“I followed the fire.”

I get asked often how I got into glass blowing. to which I respond, “I followed the fire.” For me this resonates on many levels. I’ve always been a part of the fire arts, originally learning fabrication techniques and working with metal. I wasn’t satisfied with my physical relationship with the material as an artist, many times you really have to beat it up to make to do what you want. What I love about glass is that its the complete opposite. It’s intimate and tender, the whole process could be described as sensual.

Bri Chesler is an artist currently residing in Seattle, Wa. Originally trained in other mediums her work tends to be primarily glass and mixed media.  During her undergraduate studies at Kansas City Art Institute, a strong interest in transparency and molten media lead her to explore glass. Her introduction to this material was focused on its applications in the kiln. In 2012 Bri attended Matt Escuche’s flameworking class at Pilchuck Glass School exposing her to hot glass (borosilicate) on a small scale. Enchanted by the material she continued to seek the opportunity to learn how to blow glass in the hot shop, until returning to Pilchuck in 2015 to attend Niko Dimitrijevic’s introduction to glass blowing course. Bri’s perseverance to learn about glass eventually brought her to Washington where she currently designs and gaffs for multiple glass studios around Seattle.